Cooperating Witnesses Bring Down The World’s Most Notorious Drug Lord


Thanks primarily to a “shared cast” of cooperating witnesses, as reported by the Washington post yesterday, the most dangerous drug cartel in history is finally nearing the end of its rein. Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the world’s most notorious drug lord, was sentenced Wednesday in Washington to life in prison and a $529 million forfeiture.

In what Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr describes as “one of the most significant major Mexican cartel convictions ever in our country’s long-running battle against these criminal organizations”, the success of the historic event can be largely attributed to the unprecedented collaboration effort between The Department of Justice, the FBI, and The Department of Homeland Security, to share not only Intel but actual informants across departmental lines.

The Prosecution of Guman offers a unique insight into the critical information cooperating witnesses provide in the US judicial process, which in this case lead to both the demise of the world’s most feared drug cartel, as well as the largest criminal financial penalties even imposed in a U.S. drug prosecution.

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