BREAKING NEWS: GUY GENTILE, Government in last ditch desperate panic, files new documents with the court for December 21 court appearance

Not even a ‘by your leave’ your Honour…how disrespectful to the Hon. Jose L. Linares and our justice system.  Guess they are frantically throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this case, knowing that Guy Gentile has the law on his side.  Read this article for a good understanding of the case.

In the article Securities Lawyer 101 wrote:

“We expect that the statute of limitations issue will determine the outcome of this case. With respect to this, Gentile’s argument is sound and well developed.”  And

“If he (Judge Hon. Jose L. Linares) finds Gentile’s arguments on the statute of limitations and speedy trial convincing, he could dismiss the case at that point.  As the Judge noted at the last hearing, “[I]f I went ahead and decided those issues, if you were to win, we don’t have to get to these other issues, right?”  (Referring to his other defense argument regarding HIS RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS)  

Cooperating Witness is astounded by this late development by the government. It’s just another rude and wrong act by them, one of many in a laundry list of misdemeanors on their part since this all started.

They are disrespectful of the judicial system. From the moment Guy Gentile was arrested when they may have put up a bond without approval, right through to violating his proffer agreement and improperly submitting to the court certain settlement negotiations, and now their rebuttal of his reply, without court permission. And now this last-second filing to deprive Gentile of his right, which is to have enough time to respond.

Perhaps they are just trying to distract the judge and confuse the issue at hand which is the binding law in any courtroom.  It’s unlikely they even asked the Judge’s permission to submit more papers. Now they are forcing Guy Gentile to reply to something that was not scheduled. The only thing that was scheduled was oral arguments but they chose to file additional documents with the court.  I’m waging that this judge should be offended!  Surely they don’t expect him to ignore binding Third Circuit authority in favor of, or because of a state court decision in Connecticut?

Guy Gentile is due to make a court appearance before Judge Hon. Jose L. Linares on Wednesday December 21 2016.


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