Another Cooperating Witness Fingers Chaka

Mark M. Lee, a lawyer for Congressman Chaka Fattah, asked Greg Naylor about his negotiations with the government. And what the feds told Naylor he could expect to gain from his guilty plea, cooperation with the government, and his testimony in court today against the congressman.

“I don’t believe they [the feds] had any interest in what I had to gain,” Naylor bluntly replied. His discussions with the government prior to his guilty plea, he said, were “not a negotiation.” Not after he got caught lying to the FBI.

Naylor, a retired political operative who was once close to Fattah, testified in federal court today about how he handed out about $200,000 in cash on Election Day, known as “walking around money,” when the congressman was running for mayor of Philadelphia back in 2007. And how he wrote more than $20,000 in checks to cover the college tuition bills of Chaka “Chip” Fattah Jr.

The payments, which originally derived from campaign cash, came from Naylor’s political consulting firm, Sydney Lei & Associates Inc., and were usually made on a monthly basis to Drexel University and Sallie Mae, the student loan corporation, Naylor testified.

Why did he steal campaign money to write checks to cover Chip Fattah’s college loans, and then try to cover it up afterwards with a phony paper trail?

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