Change of attitude on Guy Gentile by serial blogger superfly jewel in a recent July blog

After months of bashing Guy Gentile, the founder and past president of Swiss America Securities, charged with securities fraud in March this year, a serial blogger now says Guy was a victim of the FBI and feels sorry for him. Guiding his readers toward the link to read the Dismissal documents filed by Gentiles lawyers in New York, he tells his readers that, “now we have the full story.” And even though he says he finds it extremely hard to swallow that Guy didn’t know that a criminal case was imminent, he still attests that Guy was abused and victimized over the past 3 years.
Here’s what Superfly jewel blogger wrote on the Cooperating Witness – it’s good to see some commiseration for Guy in this blog post.


In fact, Guy was very aware that the statute of limitation for securities fraud was five years. From the day he was arrested, it appears that he went into self preservation mode. The plan was to provide the government with an unlimited buffet of securities fraud and hope for one of two possible outcomes:

Outcome A: provide the government with enough cases against other individuals and companies, and hope that it would be enough to get his own case dropped.

Outcome B: cooperate with the government and hope to “run out the clock” on the 5 year statute of limitations.

And so, from about July 2012 through about July 2015, Guy went absolutely bonkers trying to build cases for the government. And by all accounts, it appears that he was one hell of a good government informant! Let’s review some of his work.
Various Pump and Dump Frauds

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