Guy Gentile

Questions on Irregularities

After all is said and done there are some odd situations around this story. Following Guy’s arrest at Westchester Airport on July 13th, 2012 and spent the next 3 nights in the county jail and speaking to the Prosecutor and the FBI over the weekend, followed by his release on the Monday morning.

Tops DinerOn the way to the jail Friday evening the Agents told Guy they wanted him to cooperate to help them get an Attorney Adam Gottbetter, then the FBI stopped for dinner at Tops Dinner in Newark, NJ removing Guy’s handcuffs. Over dinner the agents told Guy what to say to the Prosecutor to ensure the charge would get dismissed.

He spent the next three nights in jail and on Monday morning July 16th, was released without ever going before a Judge. Guy repeated the rehearsed statement and, as fore-shadowed by the FBI agents, the Federal Prosecutor dismissed the charges. The Prosecutor then imposed a bail sum of $275,000 – $175,000 on Guy’s own recognizance and $100,000 by his parents – to be forfeited if he didn’t do everything the Prosecutor or the FBI said to do. Unbeknownst to Guy, the FBI successfully requested of the Prosecutor, that the dismissal of the charge be made ‘Under Seal’ (it would not be a matter of public record,) whilst leaving on ‘the books’, the arrest charge of July 13th 2012, as an open, ongoing case.

Several unlawful actions took place during arrest period of July 13- 16, 2012:

  • It is unlawful to remove custody restraints in public after an arrest.
  • The Bond was set illegally as only a Judge may set a Bond, not a Prosecutor.
  • The DOJ/FBI was acting as ‘Prosecutor, Judge and Pre-Trial Services,’ with their manipulation of the arrest to suit their needs. Of Concern
  • Why is Guy Gentile being charged again, 8-9 years later?
  • What negative effect could this have on future Cooperating Witnesses?
  • Are they trying to ruining Guy credibility because of something he may have learned about the government, that they don’t want to get out?
  • Why did they indict someone who helped them for 4 years?

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  1. Sam DelPresto deserves to get his ass kicked and the maximum prison sentence. Biggest scam artist ever. Scamming others so he can live in his mansion. What a fraud.

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