Guy Gentile


Internal Affairs Investigation

Las-VegasIt was during a period of particularly heavy activity that Guy felt it wise to record some of what he considered to be illegal activities by his FBI agent handlers. He recorded some of the related conversations and has the tapes and other incriminating evidence safely stored.

It should be pointed out that over the three years he worked for them, the FBI may well have broken several laws and through their behavior, violated their CW’s human rights in their daily forced labor of Guy, limiting his life-style and causing emotional stress.


Guy Seeks Freedom

Each year the government would have Guy sign a “Tolling Agreement” a legal document that generally allows for the pausing or delaying of the running of the period of time set forth by a statute of limitations. In February 2014, Guy told agents he wouldn’t sign another when the current one expired in the summer. He reasoned that without a third signed tolling agreement the government would only have one year from the expiration of the second tolling agreement to file charges against him, if they chose to. The agents acknowledged this to be the case.

However, based on conversations that sometimes gave him concern on their intention to stick to the deal, he began to make it very clear that he was no longer interested in further cooperation unless the government explicitly agreed that it would not reinstate its previously withdrawn felony charges. Guy’s attorney’s also reiterated the condition of their clients CW work – a non-prosecution resolution – but the government told his to keep going and he’ll get what he wants regarding a non-prosecution.

So he continued through the summer of 2015 assisting in some of the governments most impressive cases and helping them net many, many millions of dollars from successfully prosecutions. Going beyond that which was agreed and proving the best cooperation ever experienced in the life of the U.S. Attorney’s Office of New Jersey and in July 2015, the government told him that they wanted him to plea to felony charge originally brought in July 2012, Guy reply no, because the government had blown the Statue of Limitation, Speedy Trial and the government agreed to a non-felony thru conduct and statements.

The government indicted him 9 months later.

Charged in the Court  – March 23rd 2016

Guy was brought before a New Jersey district court on March 23rd 2016 – the Justice Department indicted Guy with the same accusation as on July 13th 2012 charge first levied at Westchester Airport. However, government had it from the original one count of Wire-fraud to Securities Fraud and Conspiracy to commit Securities Fraud. Guy pleaded not guilty and vowed to fight the charges.

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  1. Sam DelPresto deserves to get his ass kicked and the maximum prison sentence. Biggest scam artist ever. Scamming others so he can live in his mansion. What a fraud.

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