Guy Gentile

Guy Gentile Completes the Agreed Contract as a Cooperating Witness

Guy had fulfilled his CW obligation and his assistance, which by all accounts proved the linch-pin in the case against Gottbetter, is documented in 2015 court papers. It is logical to assume that the CW referenced in the court documents, is Guy Gentile.


FBI Keep their Grip on Guy Gentile

The FBI’s initial instruction was for him to provide enough information to secure an arrest and prosecution of Taxon, Cohen and attorney Adam Gottbetter. Unfortunately for Guy, he was a particularly good investigator – (“the best we’ve ever had,” they told him frequently.)

Both the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) liked and utilized the fact that Guy operated in both the US and The Bahamas and used this to their advantage when directing Guy on these operations. His degree in Criminal Justice was proving a double edged sword as coupled with his industry knowledge and innate business acumen he excelled in the tasks at hand.

So with the carrot of freedom always seeming close, he remained in government control and continued their bidding. They wanted him to continue beyond the one agreed matter, as the arrest and prosecution successes they were achieving were helping their careers. To date, Guy has worked on 25 investigations many of them still enroute through the court system.

His assistance has ensured ten convictions, perhaps the most notable and rewarding as far as promotions for Guy’s FBI handlers – the conviction of participants in a $300M fraud scandal. In fact, the Justice Department is still calling him; as recently as April 26th this year, 2016 an DOJ Washington office contacted him to work on a financial fraud case. Jurisdictions where he has provided CW services include New Jersey, New York, San Francisco and Washington. .

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  1. Sam DelPresto deserves to get his ass kicked and the maximum prison sentence. Biggest scam artist ever. Scamming others so he can live in his mansion. What a fraud.

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