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Guy Gentile as the Cooperating Witness – Gottbetter in SEC v.Gottbetter et al.

Adam_GottbetterOn May 26, 2015, the Commission filed a complaint against Gottbetter inSEC v. Gottbetter et al., No. 15 Civ. 3528 (D.N.J.) The Commission’s
complaint alleged, among other things, that Gottbetter, acting as counsel to three different issuers of penny stock, Kentucky USA Energy, Inc. (“KYUS”), Dynastar Holdings, Inc. (“DYNA”) and HBP Energy Corp. (“HBPE”), engaged in three schemes with other participants to manipulate the price and volume of each issuer’s securities in the public market, with a view to selling his own shares at a profit. To assist in manipulating the stock of DNYA and HBPE, Gottbetter recruited a stock promoter and trader who owned a broker-dealer in New York and who claimed to have experience in various manipulative and fraudulent trading strategies. Unbeknownst to Gottbetter, however, this individual was Guy Gentile working undercover as the government’s CW and cooperating with law enforcement.

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  1. Sam DelPresto deserves to get his ass kicked and the maximum prison sentence. Biggest scam artist ever. Scamming others so he can live in his mansion. What a fraud.

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