BREAKING NEWS: Guy Gentile Threatened, Coerced, Intimidated and Now Re-Charged.


For 3 Years – Threatened, Coerced, Intimidated and Now Re-Charged. This case makes a mockery of the FBI’s Cooperating Witness Program.

Lawyers for Guy Gentile, a registered online broker dealer and businessman are likely to file before midnight tonight, July 14th 2016, a motion in the United States District Court in New Jersey to dismiss charges dating back to July 2012.

The charges were originally dismissed when he entered the CW program in July 2012 immediately following his arrest at Westchester Airport, New York.

Guy was in the CW program since July 2012.  He’d agreed to help the FBI in one case but they reneged on that pledge obliging him to work for them for three years.  When he told them in July 2015 he wasn’t going to help them anymore, they threatened him, saying that only with the acceptance of a no-jail time felony charge, could he walk away from them.  Guy refused and they began proceedings to recharge him.

Charged in the Court  – March 23rd 2016

Guy was brought before a New Jersey court on March 23rd 2016 – the Justice Department re-charged Guy with the July 13th 2012 charge first levied at Westchester Airport. However, the charge had been amended from the original one of Wire-fraud to Securities Fraud.  It is believed this was done to take advantage of a loophole in the Law called Dodd-Frank that added an extra 1 year to the Statute of Limitations for Security Fraud. Guy pleaded not guilty and vowed to fight the charges. is reliable informed that the Dismissal papers are likely based on five points:

  • Expired Statute of Limitation
  • Speedy Trial (6th Amendment Right to a Speedy Trial)
  • Equitable Immunity
  • Promise of Immunity

We will post the Dismissal Motion once we have access to it. Tomorrow we will also release our incredible account of Guy Gentile’s horrendous 3 –years of hell under government control.



Motion to Dismiss now available in PDF

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