NYPD Corruption Scandal


The feds say NYPD Deputy Chief Mike Harrington was a cop “on call” to Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, the two Orthodox Jewish hustlers at the heart of the NYPD corruption scandal.

But if the story rattling around Police Plaza is correct — and more than one top NYPD official assured NYPD Confidential it is — Harrington never complied with the demands of Rechnitz, who is now a cooperating witness in a federal case about pay-for-favors inside the NYPD.

Consider the incident that occurred in the diamond district in 2014, when a beat cop issued Rechnitz’s chauffeur a summons for a moving violation. Rechnitz complained to Harrington that the cop was anti-Semitic and demanded that the officer be transferred.

According to those police officials, when Harrington asked why Rechnitz believed the cop was anti-Semitic, Jona, referring to himself and his chauffeur, said, “The way he looked at us.”

After Harrington refused to transfer the officer, Rechnitz complained so vehemently that Harrington warned him that if he didn’t stop complaining, he would keep the cop there on overtime.

Read more here:  http://nypdconfidential.com/columns/2016/160627.html

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