Informants & Whistleblowers Who, What, Where, When and Why

Article_4_whistle-blower_01Informants, whistleblowers and cooperating witnesses helped expose and convict corporate fraudsters in some of the largest business scandals ever seen.  Yet, it’s not always so simple to just use an informant, whistleblower or cooperating witness and expect good results. All defense attorneys will attack the credibility of a cooperating witness, especially one who was originally part of the conspiracy. These informants often have their own agendas and have been known to lie and obstruct justice while claiming to be helping investigate and prosecute fraud and corruption. Instead of helping the case, they can sabotage and destroy prosecutions.

The FBI’s success against organized crime is directly attributed to its ability to turn mobsters into informants. But law enforcement authorities aren’t the only ones to use Cooperating Witnesses. Private investigators use them to obtain necessary information.

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